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A dose of minimalism


A dose of minimalism and efforts for changing the perception is maybe the simplest definition for Antrepo. We are a collective based multi-disciplinary design consultancy.

Our power comes from exciting and passionate design members who are actively contributing to the core of design. They formed to create unique design ideas for forward-looking peoples.

We're designing the future, transforming consumer experience and push the business success with the power of data. We create, we build and we deliver, earning trust and commitment from our network.



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Public Gothic, Modul 300 Dpi, Cargo Containers, CityCabs, Helvetica&Times, 
Typefaces, Pop Art Posters. things you need at


Publıc Gothıc Famıly

Public Gothic is a vintage sans serif designed inspired by 40s and 50s style condensed typeface. it has been licensed by several publishing and advertisement companies such as Avery Dennison, John Wiley and Sons, Dreamworks SGI, ESPN, TBWA, Vogue, Yahoo etc. 


CCS Poster-Art Series

CCS posters shows, colourful big metall boxes of the modern capitalism.  The graphic simplicity and saturated colors hit the sweet spot for everbody. We transformed cargo containers to a colour system like the Pantone in the project called ‘Container Colour System’. 


Citycab Poster-Art Series

Taxicabs became a part of the urban landscape by the middle of the century.  In ‘Citycab’ project, we emphasize the impact of cultural differences on the transportation vehicles in big cities. The taxis of New York, London, Mexico City and İstanbul with their current taxi fares.


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